Diamond Land for rent apartment Muong Thanh - beach My Khe, Da Nang 1-2 bed

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  1. diamondland

    diamondland Guest

    Diamond Land for rent apartment Muong Thanh - beach My Khe, Da Nang 1-2 bedroom,full of beautiful furniture,new 100% cheapest price in the market

    Muong Thanh Son Tra is located in the heart of the city, opposite My Khe Beach - one of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet. Convenient for travel, shopping, resort.
    Apartment for rent in Muong Thanh Luxury Da Nang, the cheapest price in the market.
    Up-to-date new basics every day, support for fast and free home viewing, enthusiastic support until selected.
    1. Apartment price.
    + 1 Bed Room, Area 50m2 (1PN, 1WC)
    Rent: From 9 million / month to 14 million / month
    + 2 Bedrooms
    - Apartment DT 60m2 (2PN, 1WC) rent: from 10 to 14 million / month
    - Apartment DT 60m2 (2PN, 2WC) rent: From 12 to 16 million / month
    - Apartment DT 66m2 (2PN, 2WC) rent: from 13 to 18 million / month
    2. Apartment interior.
    Fully furnished furniture, luxury, new 100% only carry suitcase include: TV, refrigerator, washing machine, dining table, sofa, bed, curtain, air conditioner, dish, saucepan, saucepan , kitchen, ... what you have in the Muong Thanh apartment has that. Comfort, comfortable as at home.

    3. Utility.
    Muong Thanh Luxury is the only luxury apartment in the center of the city, designed in modern style. This is the perfect choice for life with full of utilities.
    - Security and surveillance camera system 24/24
    - Shopping center, supermarket, restaurant, cafe on the first floor of the apartment.
    - Laundry and cleaning services at home.
    - Kindergarten and neighborhood schools.
    And all of the neighboring suburbs.
    * Our company works with all credibility and responsibility.
    * Customer support 100% free home, committed to customers have the most beautiful apartments, the best price market.

    Short-term and long-term rental apartments suitable to the needs of customers. Customers will experience luxury apartments fully furnished at preferential prices at one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

    Diamond Land is a pioneer in the field of leasing in Da Nang City will ensure that you find a house or apartment satisfactory, reasonable price.

    Direct contact :

    Diamond Land.
    Address: 411,433 Tran Hung Dao-28 Do Ba, Da Nang
    Office in Muong Thanh: 22nd - North, 1st floor of Muong Thanh high building, Da Nang
    Tel: 0905.606.910 ( Zalo, Viber)
    Email: Diamondlandgroup9@gmail.com.
    Wed: http://diamondlandgroup.com/

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